Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dip Dip Dippin'

The other day I took some pictures on my blackberry hoping to share some of the non-suckiness of my work-life. However I have been in a fight with my computer and the blackberry all day trying to get the proper software onto my computer, and so far I am losing. I would have taken pictures with my camera but that was in my bag which got stolen out of the truck a few weeks ago. So no pictures for now.

Instead, I will provide you with this, which has been in my head for days:

I've always been fascinated by the crowd/performer dynamic in these types of performances from the early days of tv when it seems like both the crowd and the performer are still learning about how they're supposed to act. I'm sure there's been some analysis of this that is far more articulate than anything I'm going to come up with here. I will just describe it as a captivating mix of awkward and amazing. Also, I love this type of very simple choreographed dance, although this is a bit of a lackluster example. I would be very excited to amass a collection of the best examples of vocal-band choreographed dance steps. If you've got any ideas, please do share.


ps, there is nothing lackluster about this:


Suzy said...

i bet the four-year-old girls i assistant-taught a tap dance choreographed to that song could rival that awkwardness. in leotards and giggles, no less.

E-BAD said...

Mark Jaffe, the anarchist pirate man of the universe has a blackberry? Awesome, large and in charge. TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY! Lets take in a game ASAP.